Old Photos of Bob Tarjan and Friends

George Polya giving a lecture in a course co-taught with Bob Tarjan at Stanford. Bob is in the front row. Early 1970s.

Bob Tarjan in the early 70s.

Bob Tarjan, Mike Garey, David Johnson in the early 70s.

Bob Tarjan, Dorothy Johnson, Al Aho, David Johnson.

Tom Lengauer with Bob Tarjan in Polya Hall, Stanford. Late 70s.

Bob Tarjan at his house in Oldwick, NJ, early 1980s.

Bob Tarjan with his daughter Alice at Oldwick, NJ, early 1980s.

Bob Tarjan, Rob Calderbank, Rob Pike, Karen Montgomery, and Brian Kernighan. In Bart and Sally's hot tub in the early 80s.

Bob Tarjan, Ravi Kannan, Ed Clarke, ???, Sylvia Berry, Larry Rudolph, and Bud Mishra. On the occasion of Bud's thesis defense at Carnegie Mellon, 1985.

Surfing in Southern California, 200?.

Sophie, Bob, and Maxine Tarjan. 200?.

Bob Tarjan and Nayla Rizk. 200?.

Lars Arge, Bob Tarjan, Adam Buchsbaum. Dagstuhl, Germany, February 2008.
Daniel Sleator
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