Algorithms, Combinatorics, and Optimization Theory Day Jointly Sponsored by DIMACS and Geogia Tech

October 24, 2009
Georgia Institute of Technology

Milena Mihail, Georgia Institute of Technology, mihail at
Vijay Vazirani, Georgia Institute of Technology, vijay.vazirani at
Presented under the auspices of the Special Focus on Discrete Random Systems.

Workshop Program:

This is a preliminary program.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

12:30 -  1:30  What Makes an Algorithm Great?
               Richard Karp, University of California, Berkeley

 1:30 -  1:50  Coffee Break - Atrium	 

 1:50 -  2:50  Computational Aspects of Equilibria
               Mihalis Yannakakis, Columbia University 

 2:50 -  3:10  Coffee Break - Atrium	 

 3:10 -  4:10  Disjoint paths, isoperimetric problems, and graph eigenvalues	
               Noga Alon, Tel Aviv University 	

 4:10 -  5:00  Reception - Atrium	 

 5:00 -  6:00  Can (Theoretical Computer) Science come to grips with Consciousness?
               Manuel Blum, Carnegie Mellon University

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