DIMACS Workshop on Complex Datasets and Inverse Problems: Tomography, Networks, and Beyond
A Conference in Memory of Yehuda Vardi

October 21 - 22, 2005
Lecture Hall 1/F, CoRE Bldg, Busch Campus, Piscataway, NJ

Regina Liu, Department of Statistics, Rutgers University, rliu@stat.rutgers.edu
Bill Strawderman, Department of Statistics, Rutgers University, straw@stat.rutgers.edu
Cun-Hui Zhang, Department of Statistics, Rutgers University, czhang@stat.rutgers.edu
This conference is co-sponsored by NSF, NISS, DIMACS and Rutgers University.

The conference will focus on a number of important emerging interdisciplinary areas of research, including medical tomography, networks, and biased data. Many prototypical applications in these and other important technologies can be viewed as statistical inverse problems with large, high-dimensional, and probably biased/incomplete data, which serve as the unifying ground for the conference.

The conference is expected to attract researchers in different areas of applications, in medical imaging, telecommunications, bio-medical engineering, bio-informatics, epidemiology, and more. These will comprise both internationally renowned experts and young researchers who wish to embark in these rapidly progressing interdisciplinary areas. In addition to invited sessions, participants are encouraged to present their work in poster sessions. Time will be generously allotted for informal discussion and fruitful exchange of ideas. Proceedings of the conference will be edited and published as a volume in the Institute of Mathematical Statistics Monograph series. Through these activities, the conference will play an important role in fostering new research partnerships between young and senior participants and among researchers in different areas of applications.

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