Local and Regional Fun Stuff

The Rec (right next to CoRE) has facilities for raquetball, basketball, volleyball, and weight training. An olympic-size pool can also be found there. Outdoor tennis courts are laid next to the Livingston campus recreation center (check the Rutgers campus map inside your folder for location).

Biking and rollerblading are possible on campus, or in local city parks. Both Johnson and Buccleach parks are included in the Rutgers campus map. Buccleach also has outdoor tennis, with higher quality courts.

Need players for a game, partners for a ride?

Activity sign-up sheets will be posted on the main bulletin board just outside the 4th floor elevator in CoRE. If you're interested in any of the fun stuff mentioned above and are looking for opponents/partners, send mail to: wizard@dimacs.rutgers.edu, and you'll be signed up.

Hotel Games

There will be backgammon, trivial pursuit, and poker at the hotel. Talk to Elaine about joining a game.
Also, Glenn Hurlbert is setting up a sprouts tournament for DREI participants. Contact him about getting yourself entered.

Greenwich Village Trip

Thats right. Elaine Foley is organizing an excursion to Greenwich Village for Reconnect participants on Saturday, July 11th. Total train fare (from New Brunswick station) will range from $10 to $12.50 round-trip, after that I'd suggest at least $60 in fun money. So come and crush a cup of wine in one of New York City's most famous and interesting neighborhoods.
E-mail wizard to sign up.

If you're here for DREI and would like us to plan another trip (or have other suggestions) at a later date, please let us know.

Leisure Links

Good stuff to know about Greenwich Village.
The Village Voice. Greenwich's newspaper.
The official New York City web site-culture section. An excellent resource for info on all kinds of fun stuff.
Explore New Jersey a bit, this page'll tell you where and when.
Info on the mostly beautiful Jersey shore!
New Brunswick is actually quite a happening place, if you know where to go. Check here for clues.
Rutgers Summerfest rundown.

(don't forget to also consult your information packet)