To: DIMACS Connect Institute '01 Participant

From: Jessica L. Herold, Workshop Coordinator/Financial Assistant

Subject: Reimbursement Procedures and Forms

Dear DIMACS Connect Institute '01 Participant:

The organizers of this workshop have awarded you a reimbursement for your travel expenses. Participants who are offered reimbursement should be aware of the following policies. These are NSF policies that Rutgers must follow. Travel arrangements that are outside of the NSF rules cannot be reimbursed.

Travel Reimbursements:

The NSF requires that airfare charged to NSF funds must be on a US Flag Carrier. For international travel, some common US Flag Carriers are American, Continental, Delta, Northwest and United. The NSF does not allow exceptions to this for convenience, preference, or availability of lower cost carriers.

Travelers who combine DIMACS travel with other trips can be reimbursed for at most the cost of a round-trip, coach class, standard flight. It is suggested that you obtain documentation from your travel agent indicating what the total cost of a round trip flight would be, and submit this with your boarding passes and any receipts.

All travel is subject to NSF requirements for "reasonable" costs. These are interpreted as coach class airfares, standard airport limousines or cabs, and similar transport. Persons travelling by private aircraft, luxury ocean-liners, etc can be reimbursed for at most the cost of "reasonable" carriers.

Local Expenses:

Local expenses, such as lodging, meals, cabs, etc., must be documented with original receipts. Restaurant meals should be documented with individual receipts. Hotel receipts include the itemized bill (room charges, taxes, telephone calls, and any other charges) and should show a balance of $0.00 indicating that the bill has been paid.

Receipts and Documentation for Reimbursements:

Reimbursements for travel expenses including airfares, cabs and limos, trains and other means requires submitting original receipts showing the cost and that the fare has been paid. Receipts can be mailed after the visit. If you obtained an airline ticket through the internet, Rutgers requires that you include the email confirmation you received for your purchase, the original airline receipt and boarding passes. Without these items, the University may not reimburse you for your airline expenses.

DIMACS Reimbursement Form/Rutgers University Travel Data Form:

The DIMACS Reimbursement Form and the Rutgers University Travel Data Form can be found at the links below. The DIMACS Reimbursement Form must be filled out completely and submitted along with the original receipts of all expenses you are claiming for reimbursement.

If you are making a request for reimbursement for airfare and/or trainfare, you must also fill out the Rutgers University Travel Data Form. If you obtained airline tickets or train tickets from the internet, a travel agent or from the carrier, this form must be filled out completely and submitted along with the DIMACS Reimbursement Form and the original receipts.


Once your reimbursement request is approved by DIMACS, it is then submitted to Rutgers for final approval. It usually takes Rutgers 4-6 weeks to produce a check.

If you have any questions regarding the reimbursement process, please contact me through email at

DCI Forms

Travel Data Form-Non Rutgers
DCI Form