DIMACS Connect Institute (DCI '02)

Education Program Syllabus


I 1.  Introduction to graphs (and digraphs)

       Definitions, digraphs, & games of chance.

I 2.  Euler and Hamilton Graphs

I 3.  Matchings

       Maximum and perfect matchings. Eulerian and Hamiltonian graphs.

I 4.  Coloring

       Coloring the edges and/or vertices of a graph.

I 5.  Graphs and Games

II 6.  Traveling Salesman-type Problems

II 7.  Markov Chains

        Stochastic (vs. deterministic) processes. A. A. Markov and his chains.

II 8.  Domination

II 9.  Connectivity

II 10. Planarity and Embeddings


More applications of the week's materials.