BMCI '04

Detailed Goals: Requirements for Module Writing Portion


  1. Module writing experience for teachers
  2. Projects/activities for students
  3. Impact on classroom implementation


1. Writing Assignment (each person): due Friday July 23 at 9:00 am (handwritten is ok)

  1. Topic
  2. Level of Audience - intended course(s)
  3. Other participants with whom you would like to work
  4. Do you have a laptop here?
  5. Other info to help in forming teams

e.g. you write well but slowly, detail person vs. vision person, procrastinator vs. punctual

2. Outline of the Module (one per writing team): due Monday July 26 at 1:30 pm


  1. Team #
  2. Team Members
  3. Topic - doesn't have to be from lectures, can be from books or articles
  4. Audience (pre-requisites)
  5. Expected Length
  6. Outline of Module (indicate what each person is writing)

3. Module drafted by Writing Team (one per writing team): due Friday July 30 at 9:00 am

Must include Abstract, Prerequisites, Body of Module, and References (examples of modules are included in program binders)

On top of page 1, put:  BMCI 04

Team #

Team Members with addresses including email

Team Contact Person


Each team hands in its work together. Copies will be made for everyone.

Hand Draft to Shelly or put in Evaluations Box in Seminar Room.

4. Team Presentations:  on Friday July 30 (team times TBA)

Due to the number of participants and the limited amount of time, each person gets ~5 minutes.

5. Philosophy of Classroom Teaching (each person):

One paragraph which discusses the impact of DCI on individual's teaching