BMCI '05


Each bio-math teacher pair will be asked to initiate discussions on both curriculum and content prior to their participation in the summer program. The pairs will be expected to share curriculum guides and state standards so that each faculty member gains an appreciation for what content standards the partner is expected to teach. For example, a biology teacher may be responsible for teaching general biology and AP biology, but the mathematics teacher may not have any idea what topics are covered in these classes. Similarly, a mathematics teacher may teach discrete mathematics, AP statistics, and algebra II but the biology teacher may have little awareness of possible links to the science curriculum. Inevitably, while the teacher pairs begin to share topics they teach, discussions will arise about content.

To further stimulate discussions on content, we will create two non-threatening websites with background knowlege that all teachers should understand prior to the summer program: a site of biology topics for the math/CS teacher and a site of math/CS topics for the biology teacher. The expectation will be that participants will work with their partners prior to coming to BMCI-2, to become familiar enough with these topics so that simple overviews during the program will suffice.

Links to the Pre-program Web pages:
Math Pre-Program for Biology Teachers Biology Pre-Program for Math Teachers

Last updated: August 22, 2005