DIMACS Research & Education Institute


DREI '97


Cryptography and Network Security


July 28 - August 15, 1997

During the summer of 1997 we will be offering a three-week program of research workshops aimed at scientists from academia and industry, and open to graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, along with an educational program for high school and college teachers, undergraduates and others. In addition, there will be plenary sessions and evening lectures aimed at meshing the two groups in discussion and problem-solving and creating partnerships in the educational enterprise.


DREI'97 Program Schedule


Stephen J. Greenfield, Program Director, greenfie@dimacs.rutgers.edu
Joan Feigenbaum, Co-Director, jf@research.att.com
Steven Rudich, Co-Director, rudich@cs.cmu.edu

DREI 1997 Staff


1997 - Research Program

1997 - Education Program


Questions or requests for programmatic information may be directed to Elaine Foley at drei@dimacs.rutgers.edu.

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