June 20, 1997


We look forward to seeing you in June for our last formal get-together. Please keep the following dates in mind and let me know if, for some reason you can't make it (June 29, 30 and July 1st). The Tentative agenda will be posted to the DREI'96 web page at http://dimacs.rutgers.edu/drei/96/ so check at the bottom of this web page for the latest information.

Enclosed you will find a copy of the tentative agenda for this weekend, hotel information, and directions (just in case your web browser isn't working). If you were working for credit (lesson plan or project), please keep in mind that it needs to be finished by the last follow-up and tested by two other teachers (either from your school or from one of the other DREI'96 teachers). If you've been working on some project involving the Internet, bring any related materials with you, so that if you would like to post it on the DREI96 Teacher web site, our student helpers can scan them in and post them for you.

See you next weekend!

Best regards,

Elaine P. Foley

Program Administrator