DIMACS Research & Education Institute
DREI 1998
Graph Theory & Combinatorial Optimization

Week 1: Paths and Cycles
July 20 - 24, 1998

Ralph Faudree, University of Memphis, Co-Chair,"Extremal Problems for Forbidden Pairs that Imply Hamiltonicity" rfaudree@cc.memphis.edu
Ron Gould, Emory University, Co-Chair,"On The Structure of 2-Factors" rg@mathcs.emory.edu

Brian Alspach, Simon Fraser University, "The Compost Heap of Graph Theory" alspach@cs.sfu.edu
Ron Gould, Emory University, Co-Chair, rg@mathcs.emory.edu
Peter Winkler, Bell Labs, pw@research.bell-labs.com

Sarmad Abbasi, Rutgers University, "Spanning Cycles in Dense Graphs" sabbasi@paul.rutgers.edu
Glenn Acree, Belmont University, "Cycles on Locally n-connected graphs" acreeg@pcmail.belmont.edu
Mark Barovich, Florida Atlantic University,"The Cycle Space of a 3-connected Hamiltonian Graph" mbar@gate.net
Owen D. Byer, Northwestern College ,"Maximizing the number of certain subgraphs in various classes of graphs" TBA
Guantao Chen, Georgia State University, "Connectivities and Paths" matgcc@panther.gsu.edu
Jill Faudree, Emory University, "On k-Ordered Graphs" faudree@mathcs.emory.edu
Andras Gyarfas, University of Memphis, "On Colored Paths and Cycles" GYARFAS@luna.aszi.sztaki.hu
Ruth Haas, Smith College, "Trees that keep the walls from falling down" rhaas@evelyn.smith.edu
John Harris, Appalachian State University, "Long Paths: A Stroll Along Two Open Problems"" jmh@math.appstate.edu
Bill Jackson, Goldsmiths College, "Uniquely Hamiltonian Graphs" w.jackson@gold.ac.uk
Mike Jacobson, University of Louisville,"Two-factors with few components in claw-free graph" msjaco01@homer.louisville.edu
Tao Jiang, University of Illinois, "Planar Hamiltonian Chordal Graphs are Cycle Extendable" j-tao@math.uiuc.edu
Alexander Kelmans, Rutgers University and University of Puerto Rico,"On Circuit Semi-Isomorphism of Graphs" kelmans@rutcor.rutgers.edu
Hal Kierstead, Arizona State University, "Combinatorial Card Tricks" kierstead@math.la.asu.edu
Felix Lazebnik, University of Delaware, "Applications of Some Families of Algebraically Defined Graphs" fellaz@math.udel.edu
Jeno Lehel, University of Louisville,"Hamiltonian cycle, toughness, and chordal graphs" j0lehe01@homer.louisville.edu
Stephen C. Locke, Florida Atlantic University,"Long Cycles and the Cycle Space of a Graph" LockeS@fau.edu
Lisa Markus, Furman University, "Vertex Disjoint Cycles in Star-Free Graphs" lmarkus@furman.edu
Enrique Garcia Moreno,"Can You Find a Second Hamiltonian Circuit in a Hamiltonian 3-Regular Graph?" 74173.1047@compuserve.com
Bruce Reed,"Mangoes and Blueberries" reed@ecp6.jussieu.fr
Zhizhang Shen, Plymouth State College, "Average Diameter and Its Estimation" zshen@oz.plymouth.edu
Heinz-Juergen Voss, Dresden, Germany, "Light subgraphs of polyhedral graphs" voss@nalw01.math.tu-dresden.de
Peter Winkler, Bell Labs, "Cops, Robbers and Dismantlable Graphs" pw@research.bell-labs.com
Andrew Woldar,Villanova University,"General properties of algebraically defined graphs" woldar@mathcs.emory.edu
Allison Wolf, Emory University, "On k-ordered Hamiltonicity in Bipartite Graphs" allison@mathcs.emory.edu
Xingxing Yu, Georgia Institute of Technology,"Walks in Graphs" yu@math.gatech.edu

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