DREI '99 Help Page

For those of you that are new to downloading these instructions on how to use and apply software are for You!. On the Visual Program page and also on the All-Insitutes Talks page you have the option of downloading certain files that can be saved on you hard drive.

When Downloading Software From the Visual Programs Page:

  1. All the files are compatible with Windows 95 and above ONLY(NO MAC).
  2. The files are all in zipped (name.zip) format.
  3. Left Click your mouse on the Download link right next to the program that you want and a save screen will appear. Just hit the enter key on your keyboard or click save with your mouse.
  4. Now that the file is saved on your hard dirve you must unzip it.
  5. The first program at the top of the Download list is WINZIP32 this is a unzip program you must use the method above to download all the files in that program link.
  6. to run WINZIP32 click on the WINZIP32 Icon after download and consult the help menu for further instructions.

When Downloading talks from the ALL-Institute Talk Page:

  1. Some of the talk are in Word for windows format in order to download these files you must have a compatible version of Word for Windows.
  2. The version of word is shown by the link.
  3. Right click with your mouse on which version you want and goto save link as under the pop-up menu. Hit enter and save the file to your hard drive.

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