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Helping ALL Students Succeed in Mathematics (6-12)

2003 Institute for Experienced Teachers

Graduate Credit Course Requirements

Topics in Mathematics Education:
Helping ALL Students Succeed in Mathematics -
Institute for Experienced Middle School and
High School Mathematics Teachers

(15:254:592) Section S1

To receive three graduate credits in Mathematics Education from the Rutgers Graduate School of Education for your participation in the Experienced Mathematics Teachers Institute, you will be expected to fulfill satisfactorily each of the requirements below.

  • Attendance and participation in all activities of the summer Institute held at Rutgers University; August 4 - August 8, 2003.

  • Completion and submission of the following assignments:

    1. Classroom Units: Develop two five-day units on mathematics topics appropriate for your classroom, which demonstrate how you have integrated the NJ Core Standards. Write lesson plans for these activities, using the format modeled during the institute, implement them, and evaluate how they worked. Present the units in such a way that best reflects what took place in your classroom. The documentation should include but is not limited to: an introductory sentence which describes the grade level and classroom environment where you presented these lessons; a clear objective of the lesson; a list of materials needed to implement the lesson; a rough estimate of time required for each activity; a complete description of the lesson; some suggested activities (both formal and informal) for assessing students throughout the unit; any special designed activity sheets incorporated in the lesson, and possible extension activities. Submit your lesson plans, your evaluation of how the lesson worked, and any supportive materials (student work, pictures, etc.) that you think appropriate. These units, created and developed by you, should not be on topics you created during your week at the institute.

    2. Published Article: Write two articles which share the essence of each of your five-day units and share your excitement in teaching meaningful mathematics lessons. Select a specific activity from each of the five day units and write a 1000-2000 word article suitable for submission to the AMTNJ Journal: The New Jersey Mathematics Teacher. Using the article other teachers should be able to take the article and adapt it to their classroom. Each article should clearly and simply describe the activity to other teachers, your expectations for the activity, and the Core Standards you integrated into the lesson. Although the article concentrates on just one activity, it should also describe how the activity fits into the entire unit. Participants are encouraged to review recent copies of the NJ Mathematics Teacher to see the type of activity written up by other classroom teachers. Each article should also include a brief description of your school/class environment, including a description of the level of the students, the class in which you implemented the math content, and any special activity sheets used in the lesson. Pictures of students working on the activity may be included with your article. The articles will be submitted to the AMTNJ Editorial board for review. (If your article is approved, you will be notified by the editor. If changes are required in the article, the editor will identify these changes and the publication process will begin.) Credit for the course is not contingent on your article being published.

The work must be submitted by December 1, 2003. Credit is awarded for Summer Session 2003.

Graduate Credit Tuition & Fees

Because participants' fees cover a substantial percentage of the costs of the program, those participants pay only one-third of the normal tuition charges.

In-State Participants:

tuition = $338.00
non-refundable student fee = $78.00
Total: $416.00

Out-of-State Participants:

tuition = $499.50
non-refundable student fee = $78.00
Total: $577.50

During the summer institute a meeting will be scheduled for those interested in taking the program for credit. The purpose of this meeting will be to further discuss the course requirements as well as to fill out all necessary paperwork (including payment) in order to register for Rutgers graduate credit.

Make checks payable to: "Rutgers University - ETI".

Do not try to register for credit by telephone through the Rutgers Summer Session Catalog. You must register through us.

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