Data Science for INtelligent Systems and People Interaction that integrates Research and Education (DATA-INSPIRE)

Data Science for INtelligent Systems and People Interaction that integrates Research and Education, or DATA-INSPIRE for short, is a TRIPODS Institute based at DIMACS.

DATA-INSPIRE team members engage in fundamental transdisciplinary data science research, education, and workforce development related to the operation of intelligent machines and their interaction with people.

DATA-INSPIRE is organized around a set of transdicsiplinary challenges, each of which forms a project within the Institute:

  • Integration of Models and Data for Inference about Humans and Machines: To bridge the verification and explainability gap of data-driven approaches, this project investigates statistical, mathematical and computational tools that capture realistic prior knowledge about the underlying physical and social process in intelligent behavior to alleviate the burden of training data in learning, underwrite guarantees about system performance, or constrain inference in real time.
  • Dealing with Dynamics through a Data-informed Dynamical Systems Theory: To address the presence of significant non-linearities, oscillations, and other complex dynamics and feedback, this project employs dynamical systems, real algebraic geometry, and topology to develop data-informed algorithms that satisfy mathematical constraints during operation of intelligent machines and provide performance guarantees in terms of safety, efficiency, and robustness.
  • The Role of Data and Combinatorics in Scaling Intelligent, Interactive Systems: To deal with the strict timelines and scale to many machines that coordinate (potentially with people) to solve tasks in increasingly complex and unstructured environments, this project explores statistical assumptions about the distribution of problem instances and mathematical characterizations of the space of possible solutions to find practical ways to overcome combinatorial challenges and utilize big data to improve performance and scaling.

DATA-INSPIRE integrates the transdisciplinary research it conducts into a variety of outreach and education activities. These activities include workshops, seminars, and boot camps for students, as well as an interdisciplinary graduate course.