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LINK: A Software System for Discrete Mathematics

Latest version: 1.5.

LINK is a software system designed to be a general-purpose, extendible computing environment in which discrete mathematical objects representing real world problems can be easily manipulated and visualized. The system features a full Scheme interpreter with access to the Tk graphics toolkit (STk), a flexible GUI, and a rich variety of Collection and Graph objects which are grouped into C++ libraries. This computing environment offers access at levels ranging from point-and-click to command-line manipulation and query writing to large-scale systems development. LINK is ideal for quick and easy creation, manipulation, loading, and storing of graphs, hypergraphs, and their attributes. This power will encourage experimentation with algorithms and properties of graphs. Link has been designed primarily as an educational tool and research tool, though it could be a useful prototyping tool for industry. Since the system uses an interpretive, object- oriented graphics package, viewing graphs of more than 1000 vertices and edges is not currently practical, though future work can improve that number somewhat. LINK 1.5 is currently available (see below).

The LINK project is currently led by Dr. Jonathan Berry, a technical staff member at Sandia National Laboratories, and one of LINK's primary designers. The software is freely available. The original primary investigators of LINK are: Nathaniel Dean, then of Lucent / Bell Laboratories, Mark Goldberg of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Greg Shannon, then of MilkyWay Technologies, and Steven Skiena of SUNY Stony Brook. These researchers, each of whom had previous experience in the design of software packages for discrete mathematics, gathered together at DIMACS in July, 1991 and proposed LINK, a system which would be designed to emphasize the strengths of the respective systems and overcome their weaknesses.

LINK has been partially funded by NSF grant CCR-9214487 and ONR award 400x116yip01. LINK is a cooperative project of DIMACS at Rutgers University, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Indiana University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and The State University of New York at Stony Brook.

LINK Tutorial: Using LINK to Tour Discrete Mathematics

A document is currently under development to introduce discrete mathematics via LINK. Click here for the current version postscript

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