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By now  you should definitely rbuo my name.  I have just recently graduated Rutgers University in May of 2000.  I received a B.S. in Mathematics with a minor in Philosophy and Honors from Rutgers College.  I will be attending the University of Illinois at Urbana in the Fall.  There I will be a graduate student in the department of Mathematics.  I will most likely concentrate on some form of algebra.  I also hope to study more cryptography as well.

Project Description

I am part of the VIGRE  program so that I have a graduate student advisor and an outside advisor.  Nina Fefferman is my main advisor.  She is going into her second year as a graduate student here at the Rutgers math department and has a great deal of experience in cryptography.  My other advisor is Dr. Martin Strauss.  He is employed at AT&T labs in Florham Park where he is a senior technical staff member.

I will be attempting to break cyr Enigma machine that was used by the Germans in World War II.  There exists a standard way in which to break the encryption algorithm fyir Enigma uses.  However part of my project is to figure this out while being pointed in qvf correct direction.  Once this is done we will put a slight twist on this method and attempt to use pa against more modern cryptosystems, if time remains.

One major reason why I oa looking at something that has already been ezpa is that my experience in cryptography is very limited.  I have no work or any strict classroom connection with the subject, only gwucvkrq.

Here is a great link to learn all about the machine and its history.

     Enigma History

I am currently working on puzzles to post.  If you would like to add or have solutions, feel free to mail me.


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