G. Cormode, Q. Ma, S. Muthukrishnan, and B. Thompson. Socializing the h-index. Journal of Informetrics, 7(3):718 - 721, 2013.

A variety of bibliometric measures have been proposed in order to quantify the impact of researchers and their work. The h-index is a notable and widely-used example which aims to improve over simple metrics such as raw counts of papers or citations. However, a limitation of this measure is that it considers each author in isolation, and does not account for contributions as part of a collaborative team. To address this, we propose a natural variant that we dub the Social h-index. The aim of this measure is to redistribute the h-index score to reflect an individual's impact on the research community. In addition to describing this new measure, we provide examples, discuss its properties, and contrast with other measures.

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