The Alternative Maidstonian (TAM)

Ran from 1993 to 1995 on a shoestring budget at Maidstone Grammar School. Reached an amazing 16 issues by virtue of having very short issues (4 pages) produced at a stupidly high frequency. Almost none of it is available in electronic format that is readable by modern equipment, although I think I've still got a couple of complete collections lying around in a box at home if anyone is particularly keen.

What happened next: As far as I know, the last issue of TAM marked the death of all underground publising at MGS.

Red Dragon Pie (RDP)

The title hijacked from a dormant magazine at King's, and applied to a loose collection of in-jokes, recycled gags, and surreal cartoonery between 1996 and 1998. Cruel to its enemies but even crueller to its friends, a recent rescue effort transformed the magazine into PDF form. Two issues are available on line from the RDP page. If you want more, mail me and a CD burning effort can be organised.

What happened next: Red Dragon Pie still exists, albeit in a completely different form. More or less as one would hope for. After a brief spell as an internet only publication at the now defunct, it fell casualty to the great dot com crash, and is now back in the world of print at

King's Things (KT)

Another resurrection effort, this time on a newsletter at King's, but with a sense of humour. A sense of humour so dry that it was painful for the editors but almost undetectable to the reader. Running sort of fortnightly during term between 1997 and 1998, a total of eleven issues were squeezed out, and all have been preserved for posterity in PDF format. You can have a look at these at the entirely unnecessary King's Things page.

What happened next: King's Things sort of struggled on for a couple more issues without its pioneering leadership, before collapsing in a mess on the floor. It has since been replaced by the trendier Purple Daze.

Varsity and The Hand

Two mighty Cambridge publications, with a difference: one had readers. A number of pieces was stolen from RDP to publish in CUSU's "The Hand", to the consternation of one Trinitarian. Also, a number of crosswords and sarcastic letters were published in Varsity.

What happened next: Varsity is still going. The Hand folded.


In 2000 I found myself in Cleveland, without much idea of what was going on. There was only one thing to do: set up an online newsletter with a trendy uncapitalized name so I could find out. The result? Four lovely issues of GradNews.

What happened next: gradnews is going strong, much to my surprise, online at Case Western Reserve University.