Red Dragon Pie 1996-98

Issue 97 - October 1996

Issue 98 - February 1997

Issue 99 - May 1997

Issue 100 - October 1997

Issue 99 - February 1998

Issue 100 - June 1998

Added: 25/11/01 Trawling through the weblogs, I've noticed that over 200 people looked at RDP 3 in the last month (but only about 5 at this page). Where are you coming from? Who are you? Of course, since you're not reading this page, this plea probably won't help, but all the same...

For what it's worth, I do have the other four issues in PDF format as well, but I don't have enough webspace to host them. For anyone desperately interested in these, I can burn them onto a CD for a nominal fee. Drop me a line for more info.

Apology: converting material into electronic form is always a pain, especially when you foolishly used Claris Works to produce the originals. So some of these documents might look a little ragged around the edges, and so we had to re-scan the original photocopy masters) -- but surely this is just in keeping with the low quality production values of RDP?