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Created and drawn by Robert Hochberg and Paul O'Donnell

The members of my thesis committee were Jozsef Beck, Janos Komlos, Endre Szemeredi and Michael Saks. Click here to see what sentence emerged when I rearranged the letters of the Hungarian members of my committee on the night before my defense.
This configuration (to the left) of 11 lines in the plane has the property that no line has more than 5 points of intersection. Since 5 = (11-1)/2, this example is extremal in some sense. It is conjectured that, given any configuration of n lines in the plane, some line will have at least (n-1)/2 points of intersection on it. This problem is still open, and I would love to see it proved or disproved. Note that the configuration of lines is just a projective dual of the 11 points shown to the right.

If you click here you can see some of Steve Mahaney's children.

If you click here you will find an encapsulated postscript file of a 7-dimensional cube, poset style.

And here you will find a (rather large, 713k) gif of the same figure..

If you click here you can see a logo I generated for New Millenium Computing, Long Island's fastest growing software development firm. And if you click here, you can see a different one.