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New Year's Magic

snowflake Created by: Judy Ann Brown LP '92

snowflake Materials: Copy of New Year's Magic Worksheet, Pencil, Scrap Paper

snowflake Object of the lesson:

Follow the directions to find the sum of 6 cells in the magic array.
snowflake Content/Procedure:
Give each student a copy of the New Year's Magic Worksheet.

If students follow the directions correctly they will have one number circled in each row and column. The sum of the circled numbers will be 1998.

After students compare their answers with those found by others in the class they should be encouraged to look for patterns. Consider how the array would need to be changed to produce the answer 1999 or 2000.

For more information on how the magic array was created see The Math Behind The Magic.

snowflake Enrichment: Suzanne Alejandre's Web Unit Magic Squares

snowflake Mathematical Content:

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