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The Star of David

 Created by: Judy Ann Brown LP '92
 Materials: Star of David Picture or Student Worksheet
 Object of the lesson:

  1. Show the students the Star of David.
  2. Talk about the different sizes of triangles that they see.
  3. Help students develop an appropriate vocabulary to discuss the triangles. For example, a size 1 triangle could mean the smallest triangle, while size 2 would refer to the triangles that are made up of 4 small triangles.
  4. Have students count the triangles of each size and add them to find the total number of triangles.
  5. You might also give the students a copy of the student worksheet and have them color a different triangle on each star.  Mathematical Content:

    • Count all the quadrilaterals in the star.
    • Count all the hexagons in the star.
     Other Resources:
    • Hughes, Silver, Math on Display, Creative Publications, 1981.

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