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December 6-7, 1997
Follow-up Session
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Connections to the Workshops K-8 Workshop - "Patterns in Nature and Numbers"
K-8 Workshop - "Codes: Detecting and Correcting Errors"
K-8 Workshop - "Voting, Elections, and Selection"
7-12 Workshop - George Polyanomials
Discrete Math on the World Wide Web

Discrete Lessons created by Participants:
Discrete Fun
Links suggested by participants in Email to the Teachers List
Connie Cunningham
US Postal Zip Code Lookup
Judy Ann Brown
The Birthday Problem
Dino Fest Weg Site
Fermat's Last Theorem - The Proof
Shona Young
Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles
Exploring Data Introductory Statistics
Manipula Math with Java
Trendy Magic
Dave Fogle
Brittanica Internet Guide

Schedule for Saturday, December 7, 1997

Schedule for Sunday, December 7, 1997

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