My name is Nicholas Ross I am A 2000 REU participant at DIMACS... Right now, this is a first draft of my homepage.. more to come later... Advisor: Professor Adi Ben-Israel Project: Modified Gittins Index... Description... If you are presented with N different project to work (Or think of them as N different slot machines) and you know the expected return on some of the machines, but not on others(as in you know that if you pull the first one there is a fifty fifty chance of winning, but you dont know about the second of the third one..)the question is, If I offer you some retirement, like 100 dollars, on the conditionthat you stop playing for ever when do you stop playing? And if I offer you 100 dollars plus a fixed percentage of your previous reward.. when do you stop playing? Applications: One of the applications of this is in the field of oildrilling, where you dont know exactly how much oil is below you, but you can sell the well for a fixed amount at any time. The question is if you have a bunch of different wells and you only have enough manpower to work on some of them, where do you work and when do you stop and retire? I promise that this is a first draft, and there will be more to come later.