a couple of naive questions

Cindy A. Phillips (caphill@cs.sandia.gov)
Wed, 14 May 97 16:31:04 MDT

Please forgive a question from the uninitiated. I spent some time
looking through the LINK manual, and didn't find any answers to this
one. Please let me know if there is a more appropriate email address
for such questions.

Although it appears that the programming tools provide clean ways to
customize the tools for a particular application, right now I'm
looking for a "quick" way to use the GUI. I don't think it would be hard
to write some code to generate a series of command lines and dump them to
a file. Is there a facility in LINK to execute commands from a file?
If so, can this be done at anytime or just at start up?

In the archived messages from this list, there was an indication that
a new release would be available in March, but it doesn't look like
what's available on the web has changed since last fall. Any new


-- Cindy