binary distribution installation on Solaris

Wed, 18 Feb 1998 18:09:54 +0100


I try to install the Solaris 2.X binary version of LINK.
I do follow the instructions in the README file step by step.
However, installation doesn't work. Anyone knows why?

I have unpacked the tar file and tested the binary distribution:

% uname -a
SunOS foo 5.5.1 Generic_103640-12 sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-1
% cd /home/papadopo/link_bindir
% setenv LINK_BASE /home/papadopo/link_bindir
% setenv STK_LOAD_PATH /home/papadopo/link_bindir/stklos
% setenv STK_LIBRARY /home/papadopo/link_bindir
% ./Link
defining Link methods.......
loading Link interface......
Welcome to the STk interpreter version 3.0b2 [SunOS-5.5.1-sun4]
Copyright (C) 1993,1994,1995 Erick Gallesio - I3S - CNRS / ESSI <>
STk> Bye.

So far so good. I then edit the Makefile:

ROOT = /home/papadopo/link_bindir

BINDIR = /pub_dom/link/bin
# (suggestion: /usr/local/bin)

LIBDIR = /pub_dom/link/lib
# (suggestion: /usr/local/lib)

Then I install:

% make install
if [ ! -d /pub_dom/link/bin ]; \
then \
mkdir -p /pub_dom/link/bin; \
if [ ! -d /pub_dom/link/lib/LINK/1.2 ]; \
then \
mkdir -p /pub_dom/link/lib/LINK/1.2; \
if [ ! -d /pub_dom/link/lib/LINK/1.2/STk ]; \
then \
mkdir -p /pub_dom/link/lib/LINK/1.2/STk; \
if [ ! -d /pub_dom/link/lib/LINK/1.2/stklos ]; \
then \
mkdir -p /pub_dom/link/lib/LINK/1.2/stklos; \
rm -f /pub_dom/link/bin/Link
cp /home/papadopo/link_bindir/Link /pub_dom/link/lib/LINK/1.2/Link-1.2
ln -s /pub_dom/link/lib/LINK/1.2/Link-1.2 /pub_dom/link/bin/Link
cp -R /home/papadopo/link_bindir/STk/* /pub_dom/link/lib/LINK/1.2/STk
cp -R /home/papadopo/link_bindir/stklos/* /pub_dom/link/lib/LINK/1.2/stklos
% setenv STK_LOAD_PATH /pub_dom/link/lib/stklos
% setenv STK_LIBRARY /pub_dom/link/lib/STk

-->HERE<--, running Link fails:
% /pub_dom/link/bin/Link
*** Could not find the directory where STk was installed.
Perhaps some directories don't exist, or current executable ("/pub_dom/link/bin/Link") is in a strange place.
You should consider to set the "STK_LIBRARY" shell variable.
Execution is aborted.


I even tried:
% setenv STK_LOAD_PATH /pub_dom/link/lib/LINK/1.2/stklos
% setenv STK_LIBRARY /pub_dom/link/lib/LINK/1.2/STk

In fact, I get the same error when trying to install STk -
STk doesn't work either.

Thank you,

Dimitri Papadopoulos