Card Shuffling

A Reaserch Experience for Undergraduates at Rutgers University

Brought to you by the auspices of

The VIGRE program

In conjugation with


and the

Rutgers Mathematics Department

Under the tutelage of Richard Gundy Our Undergraduate Stars: Prudence Heck 
With Graduate Mentors Peter Kay and Nathan Corwin 
and Alex Zarechnak and sometimes Michael Picollelli
Consulting with Tim Mitchell
  • We would like to thank everyone who helped shuffle our decks and applauded for our card tricks, and those who felt they had to stop by and chat.
and Matthew Adereth

The group explored many of the properties of shuffles, deriving varied results. If this is your first time here, or you were just wondering how we can do math with a deck of cards, we recommend you visit the Introduction. Other topics are also listed below.

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