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DIMACS has two lists that receive mailings on all DIMACS events: If you do not want to receive announcements for everything, but are interested in only specific topics, you can subscribe to specialized lists categorized by special focus (please subscribe to all that you are interested in):

Special focus topic Global List
(workshop and special events announcements)
Big Data Initiative on Privacy and Security DIMACS_SF_BDprivacy
Special Focus on Bridging Continuous and Discrete Optimization DIMACS_SF_Optimization
Special Focus on Cryptography DIMACS-SF-Crypto
Mathematics of Planet Earth 2013+ Dimacs-mpe2013

To be deleted from DIMACS Email lists ...

Please send email to the Publicity Coordinator at requesting to be deleted. You must give your exact email address that needs to be deleted (some people have several aliases and forwarded addresses) and the list you wish to be deleted from. Otherwise we won't be able to find your entry in the lists.

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