Long Term Housing Options Near Rutgers

The following are comments and suggestions received from past long-term visitors and postdoctoral fellows.

The center is providing this as information - not as recommendations. We have screened out listings that report problems with the housing or landlord; but we have not visited, contacted, or evaluated these listings. These listings are not provided as "recommended places" - but as information that may be helpful in locating housing. We recommend visiting the housing or asking a trusted friend to do so for you. Information about prices is not checked, but is given as an indication only.

Colony House

Contact: 908-846-4811; B&K Properties

They usually have studios, 1 or 2 BR; usually wood floors. 1050 George Street in New Brunswick. A high rise, close to campus, overlooking the Raritan River. From Debbie Franzblau; 1996.

Rates include all utilities, except phone and cable.

Rivercrest Apts.


Located about .5 miles west on River Rd. - pretty convenient.
Rates start at $815/month.
Very clean, hardwood floors, family environment, nice pool, parking not a problem, laundry rooms but you have to go outside to get to them, generally good maintenance. From Jon Berry; 1996.

Bruce Newling, phone (732)249-0044

Rents two apartments in an old house near the college campus. They aren't cheap ($740), but they're fully furnished and the price includes gas and utilities, as well as weekly cleaning by the landlord and his wife. I was very happy there - Jeremy Avigad.
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