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  1. Overview of Programs
  2. Postdoctoral Fellowships
  3. CCICADA Graduate Fellowship Program
  4. Graduate Student Fellowship Program for Non-Local Students
  5. Graduate Student Projects and Jobs for Students from Princeton and Rutgers
  6. Graduate Student Stipends to Attend Workshops
  7. Visitor Support
  8. Workshop Participation
  9. General Information for Visitors


Each year over a thousand people participate in DIMACS programs as postdoctoral fellows, graduate study fellows, visitors, workshop participants and permanent members. Applications are invited for these positions at the center. Research and education activities at DIMACS focus on such areas as analysis of algorithms, combinatorics, complexity, computational algebra, discrete and computational geometry, discrete optimization and graph theory. A primary activity of the Center is to sponsor year-long focused research programs (see Special Years) on specific topics of current interest and thus many participants are affiliated with these topics. Workshop participation is open to the scientific public and requires registration.

Postdoctoral Fellows

Postdoctoral Fellowship positions are advertised in the fall; selection is made in the spring (see the links for specific dates). Postdoctoral Fellows are employed at Princeton or Rutgers and participate in activities at both sites. Some postdoctoral fellowships are two year positions in collaboration with the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey. Fellows spend one year at the DIMACS site and one year at the Institute. For information about applying:

CCICADA Graduate Fellowship Program

CCICADA is offering fellowships to pursue graduate studies at Rutgers University in fields that are relevant to homeland security. The CCICADA fellowships are funded through a grant from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, offering graduate students generous support for up to three years in order to pursue research interests related to homeland security. Fields that are of particular relevance to CCICADA include computer science, mathematics, operations research, and statistics, but we welcome applications in other areas of science and engineering that have relevance to homeland security. For information about applying:

Graduate Student Fellowship Program for Non-Local Students

Unfortunately, at this time, we do not have a current Graduate Student Fellowship Program for Non-Local Students available.

Graduate study forms a central part of the research and education mission of DIMACS, and students involved in research are offered support under a variety of models with an emphasis on flexibility and tailoring participation to enhance the graduate students' program of study. Visits ranging from a week to a month to a semester or even year are anticipated. Longer visits should be coordinated with the student's advisor to be an appropriate complement to the student's graduate study. A student and advisor (see DIMACS Visitors) may apply together. A student who wants to visit but has an advisor should arrange for a local DIMACS "mentor". Feel free to contact DIMACS Members about serving as possible mentors. This support is currently for students from non-DIMACS institutions (i.e. not Rutgers or Princeton). Prospective or current students at a DIMACS institution are always welcomed to DIMACS workshops and other events.

Support may consist of monthly subsistence payment or stipend, travel to and from the Center, and the payment of local institutional charges. For students visiting for a semester or longer, support may also be provided either for the advisor to visit the student or vice versa.

Graduate Student Projects and Jobs for Students from Princeton and Rutgers

Graduate Students may apply for support for DIMACS sponsored work on research problems and projects or jobs. Interested graduate students are asked to see the Overview and Application and the Project and Job Descriptions.

Graduate Student Stipends to Attend Workshops

Every DIMACS workshop has a special budget to support the participation of graduate students. Partial support for registration fees, local expenses, and/or transportation is available. There is no formal application procedure. Look at the website for the workshop of interest to see if there are any special rules for the workshop. Otherwise, contact any workshop organizer. Support will be given to students who make presentations.

DIMACS Visitors

Visitors are in residence at DIMACS sites for periods of a week up to a year. Some visitors are sponsored by hosts among the permanent members while others are hosted by the Special Year programs. Support from DIMACS and the Special Year programs is limited, so visitors are encouraged to seek support from other sources. Space at DIMACS sites is limited, so all visitors must be approved by the center. Some support is available for local expenses and travel. For more information about visitor programs:

Workshop Participation

DIMACS sponsors a variety of workshops each year that are open to the public. Topics are in many areas of discrete mathematics and theoretical computer science; many workshops are affiliated with the Special Year and Focus topics. Information about workshops includes schedules, call for participation, registration and hotel information. Some workshops have a small budget for participants, requests for subsidies to attend the workshop should be sent to the workshop organizers. Foreign participants should obtain a written invitation from DIMACS which is sufficient to obtain a B-1 visa. Reimbursement rules imposed by our funding sources are very strict and participants offered support should read the following:

General Information for all Program Participants

All participating institutions are equal opportunity/affirmative action employers.

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