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Rebecca Wright is Rutgers' Academic Liaison for the STARS Alliance (http://www.starsalliance.org/index.html). She is a professor in the Computer Science Department and Director of DIMACS at Rutgers. Earlier, she was a professor in the Computer Science Department at Stevens Institute of Technology and a researcher in the Secure Systems Research Department at AT&T Labs and AT&T Bell Labs. Her research spans the area of information security, including cryptography, privacy, foundations of computer security, and fault-tolerant distributed computing, as well as foundations of networking. Dr. Wright serves as an editor of the International Journal of Information and Computer Security and of the Transactions on Data Privacy. She is a member of the board of the Computer Research Association's Committee on the Status of Women in Computing Research (CRA-W), and was a member of the board of directors of the International Association for Cryptologic Research from 2001 to 2005. She was Program Chair of Financial Cryptography 2003 and the 2006 ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS) and General Chair of Crypto 2002, and has also served on numerous program committees. She received a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Yale University, a B.A. from Columbia University, and an honorary M.E. from Stevens Institute of Technology.

Elaine Zundl is Rutgers' Staff Advisor for the STARS Alliance. She is the Dean of the Douglass Project for Rutgers Women in Math, Science, and Engineering at Douglass Residential College. Douglass Residential College is a campus for women at Rutgers University that provides comprehensive innovative educational programs for women students from all backgrounds to succeed academically. As Dean/Director of the Douglass Project, Elaine works to develop program that recruit and retain women in the STEM fields. In addition, she also teaches Douglass' mission course, Knowledge and Power: Issues in Women's Leadership. Her research interests include the impact of gender and same-sex programs on women in STEM, feminist science studies, and feminist pedagogy.               

Sucheta Soundarajan is Rutgers' Staff Advisor for the STARS Alliance. Sucheta Soundarajan is a postdoctoral researcher at Rutgers University. She received a PhD in Computer Science from Cornell University in 2013 and a B.S. from the Ohio State University in 2005. Her areas of interest include the structure of social networks, the formation and characteristics of communities in social networks, and interesting applications of social network analysis. Her website is http://www.cs.rutgers.edu/~ss2078.

Sucheta has been involved in outreach to middle school girls since her time at Cornell, where she helped organize the Expanding Your Horizons program intended to interest girls in science. Since then, she has taught for the Girls Who Code program. She is currently a mentor for the Douglass-DIMACS Computing Corps, a group of undergraduate women with computing-related interests that performs various outreach-related activities in the local community.

Laura Stiltz is Rutgers' Staff Advisor for the STARS Alliance. Laura Stiltz is Director of Research Programs and Advising for Undergraduate Women in STEM at the Douglass Project for Rutgers Women in Math, Science, and Engineering.  A native of Atlanta, Georgia, she earned a B.S. in Applied Mathematics from The Georgia Institute of Technology in 2009 and a M.Ed. in College Student Affairs Administration from The University of Georgia in 2011.  In her free time, Laura enjoys traveling, running, practicing yoga, and relaxing at the beach.


2013-2014 and 2014-2015 Graduate Student Advisor

Prachi Pendse is a graduate student advisor to the Corps as well as a first year Masters student in the Department of Computer Science. She's originally from Delaware and attended Texas A&M University doing Applied Math and Computer Science prior to coming to Rutgers. This semester, Prachi is focusing on topics in computer security and cryptography. She thinks computer science is cool because it lets you explore new places using flying robots that could be on the other side of the globe, on Mars, or even in the far reaches of the solar system! When she has time to herself, she loves going on walks, dancing mostly with a Kinect, and recording audiobooks for librivox.org.

2012-2013 Graduate Student Advisors

Monica Babes-Vroman (http://paul.rutgers.edu/~babes/) is a graduate student adviser to the Corps. She is a Ph.D candidate in the Computer Science department. Her current research interests include: Inverse Reinforcement Learing and Apprenticeship Learning, Reinforcement Learning in Multi-agent Systems, Game Theory and Natural Language Processing. Some of her other interests include interdisciplinary reseach, teaching computer science to non-computer science majors, and making agents that learn from human instructions. She loves teaching and had the exciting opportunity to teach CS105 (Great Insights to Computer Science) for two semesters. She likes to think about ways to make Computer Science accessible to non-majors.


Darakhshan Mir is also a graduate student adviser to the Corps. She is a Ph.D. candidate in the department of Computer Science. She is interested in too many things. She does research in data privacy, advises undergraduate students and acts like a twitter evangelist to all her students and friends. She would like to continue doing this in the foreseeable future while also convincing all kinds of people that Computer Science is the coolest thing to learn.
When she has more time, she likes to run, hike and knit.

2013-2014 Douglass-DIMACS Computing Corps

  Fall 2013 Douglass-DIMACS Computing Corps
  Left to right: Helen See, Julie Duncan, Prajna Madhusudhan, Rosheen Chaudhry, Amanda Goontetilleke, Jasmine Feng, Kim Spaven, Kim Murphy, and Risham Chokshi. Not shown: Linda Anyaduba, Linda Cook, and Eman Mohamed.

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