DREI '96 Research and Education Program

on Computational Geometry and Mathematical Visualization

Research Program
Education Program
Agenda, Organizers, and Staff

Research Program

Organizer - Bernard Chazelle, Princeton University.

Three related but independent workshops were planned, bringing together those working on the theory of computational geometry with those implementing or using geometric algorithms:

Most events were open to interested members of the mathematics and computer science communities. All presentations (talks, videos, software demonstrations, etc.) were by invitation; requests to make presentations were honored at the discretion of the appropriate workshop organizer.

Education Program

Organizers - David Dobkin, Princeton University; Robert L. (Scot) Drysdale III, Dartmouth University.

List of Participants (by Picture)
Discussion Groups
Resources Developed by Participants (under construction)

The Education program's daily schedule included a morning class, a plenary session before lunch, and an afternoon class, along with some evening presentations and social events. Another group of participants at the Institute were researchers participating in three week-long research workshops on Software & Mathematical Visualization, Computational Geometry Problems in Aerodynamics, and Hot Topics in the Theory of Computational Geometry. One of the goals of the Institute was "vertical integration" -- having researchers and teachers interact and learn about one another's jobs and concerns. This interaction happened at plenary sessions, at evening presentations, at social events and at meals.

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