The Research Faculty at DIMACS:

Research Professor/Acting Deputy Director:
Tami Carpenter
Office 430
Telephone: 848-445-4631
E-Mail: tcar at
Homepage: /
Research Interests:
Research Professor:
Margaret (Midge) Cozzens
Office 419
Telephone: 848-445-4577
Research Interests: Discrete Mathematical Modeling, Graph Theory, Game Theory, Mathematical Psychology, Network Vulnerability, Operations Research, Technology, Mathematics and Science Education.
Research Professor:
Dennis Egan
Office 413
Telephone: 848-445-4582
E-Mail: deegan at
Research Interests: Data Analytics, Cyber Identity, Security Metrics, First Responder Training and Technologies, Human-Computer Interaction, Cognitive Science.
Research Professor/Associate Director:
Lazaros Gallos
Office 426
Telephone: 848-445-0075
E-Mail: lgallos at
Research Interests: Complex networks, online interactions, epidemic spreading, complex systems.
Associate Research Professor:
Christie Nelson
Office 424
Research Interests: Operations Research, Optimization, Linear Programming, Resource Allocation, Machine Learning, Text Mining, Analytics, Security Metrics, Stadium Security Patron Screening, walk-through metal detectors, data analysis and cleaning.
Research Associate:
Michael Tobia
E-Mail: mtobia at
Research Interests:

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