A Selection of DIMACS Projects I Have Been Involved In: Index of Projects

Director, Data-Inspire TRIPODS Institute, 2019-present.

Organizer, Mathematical and Statistical Challenges for Sustainability

PI, Mathematics of Planet Earth 2013+

Director of DyDAn, Department of Homeland Security Center for Dynamic Data Analysis, 2006-2009
DyDAn was founded as a Department of Homeland Security Center of Excellence in 2006 and is a consortium of Rutgers, Princeton, Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute, Texas Southern University, Texas State University-San Marcos, AT&T Labs, and Bell Labs.

PI, DIMACS-DIMATIA-Renyi Partnership

PI, DIMACS-LAMSADE Partnership on Computer Science and Decision Theory

Chair, Special Focus on Computational and Mathematical Epidemiology

Chair, Special Focus on Information Processing in Biology

Co-Chair, Special Focus on Computation and the Socio-Economic Sciences

PI, Monitoring Message Streams Project

Director, Reconnect Program (Undergraduate Education)

Director, International Research Experiences for Undergraduates Program (REU)

Director, Bio-Math Connection (High school teacher program linking biological and mathematical sciences)

Director, The Challenges of Interdisciplinary Education: Bio-Math (IMB) (High school teacher program linking biological and mathematical sciences)

Director, Bio-Math Connect Institute (High school teacher program linking biological and mathematical sciences)

PI, DIMACS-Los Alamos Project on Port of Entry Inspection Algorithms

Co-Director, Laboratory for Port Security (joint project of DIMACS and Center for Advanced Infrastructure and Transportation)

Chair, DIMACS/AIMS/SACEMA Workshop on on Facing the Challenge of Infectious Diseases in Africa: The Role of Mathematical Modeling in Johannesburg, South Africa and DIMACS/AIMS/SACEMA Advanced Study Institute on Mathematical Modeling of Infectious Diseases in Africa in Cape Town, South Africa

PI, US-African BioMath Initiative

PI, Project on Mathematical Methods for Sensor Management in Nuclear Detection

Chair, US-China Computer Science Leadership Summits

  • Understanding China's Higher Education and Research in Computer Science and Information Technology (A U.S. Delegation visit to China)
  • Second US-China Computer Science Leadership Summit
  • Third US-China Computer Science Leadership Summit (Beijing, China)

    Chair, US-China Workshop on Collaborations in CS and Sustainability

    Co-chair, DIMACS Sustainable Planet Education Program

    Chair, Conference on Mathematical Challenges for Sustainability

    Chair, Special Focus on Algorithmic Decision Theory

    Co-chair, 2nd International Conference on Algorithmic Decision Theory

    PI, Urban Commerce and Security Study (UCASS)

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