DIMACS/CINJ BioMedical Informatics Summit

January 27, 2009
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
The Cancer Institute of NJ (CINJ)
CINJ Auditorium, 195 Little Albany Street, New Brunswick, NJ

Fred Roberts, Director, DIMACS, froberts at dimacs.rutgers.edu
Guna Rajagopal, Exec Dir (Bioinformatics), CINJ, rajagogu at umdnj.edu
Meeting Organizers:
John Kerrigan, Assoc. Dir. Bioinformatics, CINJ, kerrigje at umdnj.edu
Dr. Peter Schad, Assoc. Dir. Clinical Informatics, CINJ, schadpe at umdnj.edu
Candace Botnick, Dir of Comms and Marketing, CINJ, botnicca at umdnj.edu
Ms. Paula Hunchar, Exec Dir, CINJ Foundation, hunchapa at umdnj.edu
Delshonda Boswell, CINJ, bosweldj at umdnj.edu, 732 235 6574
Presented under the auspices of the DIMACS/BioMaPS/MB Center Special Focus on Information Processing in Biology.

Workshop Program:

 9:00 -  9:15   Welcome Address
                Susan Walsh, M.D., FACP, Deputy Commissioner for Public Health Services,
                New Jersey Dept of Health and Senior Services

 9:15 -  9:30  	Overview of the Cancer Institute of New Jersey (CINJ)
                Robert DiPaola, M.D., Director, The Cancer Institute of New Jersey
                Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

 9:30 -  9:50   Overview of DIMACS
                Fred Roberts, Ph.D., Director of DIMACS, Rutgers University

 9:50 - 10:00 	Summit Goals & Expected Outcomes
                Guna Rajagopal, Ph.D., Executive Director (Bioinformatics),
                The Cancer Institute of New Jersey
                Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

10:00 -  10:30  Coffee Break & Discussion		

10:30 - 10:45   TBA
                Arnie Levine, Ph.D., Director,
                Simons Center for Systems Biology,
                Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton	

10:45 - 11:00   Statistical Mechanics and Biomedical Informatics
                Joel Lebowitz, Ph.D., Director,
                Center for Mathematical Sciences Research, Rutgers University

11:00 - 11:15   The Clinical and Translational Science (CTSA) Program
                Arnold Rabson, M.D., Director, Child Health Institute
                Robert Wood Johnson Medical School	

11:15 - 11:30 	Bioinformatics in Cancer Surveillance 
                Betsy Kohler, Ph.D., Executive Director,
                North American Association of Central Cancer Registries

11:30 - 11:45   TBA
                Helmut Zarbl, Ph.D., Director,
                NIEHS Center for Environmental Exposures and Disease, 
                Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Institute, UMDNJ	

11:45 - 12:00   Web 3:0 Facilitating Translational Medicine
                Peter Schad, Ph.D., Assoc: Dir: Clinical Informatics
                The Cancer Institute of New Jersey
                Robert Wood Johnson Medical School	

12:00 -  1:00   Lunch Break & Discussion	

 1:00 -  1:15   Virtual Sensors: Epidemiological Data in the Open Domain
                Yuliy Baryshnikov, Ph.D., Head of Department of Industrial Mathematics 
                and Operations Research, Bell Labs, Alcatel-Lucent

 1:15 -  1:30   Machine Learning in Cancer Treatment
                Matt L: Miller, Research Staff Member,
                Machine Learning Group, NEC-Princeton Research Labs	

 1:30 -  1:45   Data Cloud to Fast-Track Evidence-Based Medicine
                Chalapathy Neti, Ph.D., Sr. Manager, Information Analysis and Interaction Technologies,
                IBM Research 	

 1:45 -  2:00   TBA
                Frank Sonnenberg, M.D.,	Professor of Medical Informatics
                Robert Wood Johnson Medical School	

 2:00 -  2:30   Break		

 2:30 -  2:45   TBA
                Peter Reczek, Ph.D., Executive Director,
                New Jersey Science & Technology Commission	

 2:45 -  3:00   Integration of In Vitro Diagnostics and In Vivo Imaging for Personalized Healthcare
                Daniel  Fasulo, Ph, D.,	Program Manager, Personalized
                Healthcare, Siemens Corporate Research, Inc:

 3:00 -  3:15	R&D Informatics: A novel approach to data analysis & knowledge management
                Chris Huang, Ph.D., Principal Research Scientist
                R&D Informatics, Centocor R&D, Inc.

 3:15 -  3:30   Computational Drug Repositioning: promises and challenges
                Guanghui Hu, Ph.D., Senior Computational Biologist,
                Quantitative Sciences, GlaxoSmithKline	

 3:30 -  3:45   TBA
                Nathan Siemers, Ph.D., Director of  Bioinformatics,
                Bristol-Myers Squibb	

 3:45 -  4:15   Tea Break & Discussion		

 4:15 -  4:30   Quantitative and Computational Biology at Princeton:
                David Botstein, Ph.D.,	Director,
                Lewis-Sigler Institute, Princeton University	

 4:30 -  4:45   TBA
                David August M.D., Chief (Surgical Oncology) & Director,
                CINJ Tissue Repository, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School	

 4:45 -  5:00	Enterprise Level LIMS Systems: Design and Implementation in a Biorepository Environment
                Andrew Brooks, Ph.D., Director, Bionomics Research and Technology Center, EOHSI, RWJMS, 
                Director, Technology Development and Implementation, Rutgers University
                Cell and DNA Repository (RUCDR), Rutgers, Associate Professor of
                Environmental Medicine and Genetics

 5:00 -  5:15  	Privacy in a Networked World
                Rebecca Wright, Ph.D., Professor of Computer Science
                Deputy Director of DIMACS, Rutgers University

 5:15 -  5:30   Connected Healthcare: Next Generation Mobile Applications
                Shoshana Loeb, Ph.D., Chief Scientist
                Program Manager of the Connected Healthcare Solutions
                Telcordia Technologies	
 5:30 -  6:00   Discussion & Closing comments
                Guna Rajagopal/Fred Roberts


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