Workshop on Groups and Computation - II

June 7 - 10, 1995
June 7 - 9: Rutgers University, CoRE Building, Piscataway, NJ
June 10: Holiday Inn, South Plainfield, NJ

Larry Finkelstein, Northeastern University,
William M. Kantor, University of Oregon,
Charles C. Sims, Rutgers University,

Computational group theory is an interdisciplinary field involving the use of groups to solve problems in computer science and mathematics. The Workshop will explore the interplay of research which has taken place in a number of broad areas:

Applications of group computation within mathematics or computer science, which have dealt with such diverse subjects as simple groups, combinatorial search, routing on interconnection networks of processors, the analysis of data, and problems in geometry and topology.

The primary Workshop theme is to understand the algorithmic and mathematical obstructions to efficient computations with groups. This will require an assessment of algorithms that have had effective implementations and recently developed algorithms that have improved worst--case asymptotic times. Many algorithms of these two types depend heavily on structural properties of groups (such as properties of simple groups in the finite case), both for motivation and correctness proofs, while other algorithms have depended more on novel data structures than on group theory.

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