DIMACS Workshop on Groups and Computation - II
June 7 - 10, 1995


Wednesday, June 7 - Friday, June 9; Workshop will be held at DIMACS,
CoRE Building, 1st Floor Lecture Hall.
Saturday, June 10; Workshop will be held at Holiday Inn, South Plainfield 


 9:15-9:25      Introductory, Remarks

 9:25-10:15     Cheryl Praeger & Alice Niemeyer

                "Algorithms for matrix groups and their probabilistic and
                group theoretic foundations: recognising classical groups
10:15-10:45     Coffee

10:45-11:25     Charles Leedham-Green

                "Recognizing Matrix Groups"

11:35-12:00     Frank Celler

                "Matrix Group Algorithms in GAP"


 3:00-3:20      Ken Blaha

                "Permutation group problems that may be hard to parallelize"
 3:30-3:45      Takunari Miyazaki

                "Canonical labeling of graphs: Experiments with nauty"

 3:55-4:20      Reinhard Laue

                "Algorithms for group actions: homomorphism principle and
                orderly generation applied to generating graphs"

 4:20-4:45      Coffee

 4:45-5:10      Steve Linton

                "Recognising GL(n,2) as a black box group"

 5:20-5:45      Akos Seress

                "Basic tools for nearly linear time computations" 


 9:15-10:05     Martin Schoenert

                "Method Selection in GAP 4"

10:15-10:30     Ferenc Rakoczi

                "Some practical aspects of computing in nilpotent
                permutation groups"

10:30-10:50     Coffee
10:50-11:15     Klaus Lux

                "Determining socle series for projective indecomposable
                modules of group algebras".
11:25-12:05     Gilbert Baumslag

                "Some open problems about infinite groups"


 3:00-3:40      Bettina Eick

                "Special presentations of finite polycyclic groups and
                their applications"
 3:50-4:15      Eamonn O'Brien

                "Recognising tensor products of matrix groups"
 4:15-4:30      Coffee

 4:30-6:00      Panel --  Finkelstein (moderator)

 6:00-7:30      Dinner

 7:30-10:00PM   Informal Demos at Dimacs

FRIDAY, JUNE 9, 1995

 9:15-9:40      Gene Cooperman

                "Mixed matrix computations, parallel GAP, and large scale

 9:50-10:05     Michael Tselman

                "Computing permutation representations for matrix groups
                in a distributed environment"

10:15-10:30     Gretchen Ostheimer

                "Algorithms for triangularizable subgroups of GL(n,Z)"

10:30-11:00     Coffee

11:00-11:25     David Maslen

                "Computation of Fourier transforms on finite groups"
11:35-12:00     Sarah Rees

                "Free quotients of finitely presented groups"

 3:00-3:40      Jeff Leon

                "Partitions, refinements, and permutation group computation"

 3:50-4:05      Prabhav Morje

                "On nearly linear algorithms for Sylow subgroups"

 4:05-4:25      Coffee

 4:25-4:40      Eddie Lo

                "Polycyclic quotient algorithm"
 4:50-5:15      Peter Neumann

                "The use of cyclic matrices in  computer algebra" 

SATURDAY, JUNE 10, 1995 (Held at the Holiday Inn - South Plainfield)

 9:15-9:55      Laszlo Babai

                "Algorithms for matrix groups" (joint work with Bob Beals)

 9:55-10:20     Coffee

10:20-10:45     Bob Beals

                "Algorithms for matrix groups and the Tits alternative"

10:55-11:20     Laszlo Pyber

                "Asymptotic results for simple groups and some applications"

11:30-12:10     Dan Rockmore

                "Applications of Generalized FFT's"

12:10-12:15     Concluding remarks 


2:00-5:00       Informal working groups

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