DIMACS Workshop Organizer's Guide: Budget

Organizers can plan their own budget or ask center staff to prepare a budget for them. The Workshop Coordinator at Rutgers (workshop-coordinator@dimacs.rutgers.edu) will assist with cost figures.


DIMACS workshops traditionally give a continental breakfast with all-day coffee, a lunch and an afternoon coffee - tea break. Workshops that last more than one day benefit from an evening reception or dinner on one of the early days. Catering costs will not be charged to your budget.

Organizers should be aware that the Holiday Inn shuttle will not pick up from DIMACS after 7pm. When planning the program including dinner, please be sure to have it scheduled early enough to allow participants to take the shuttle back to the hotel.

Participant Support:

Usually some of the workshop budget is for supporting some of the travel and on-site expenses of some of the participants. See Invitation Letters for information about contacting participants, offering support and limits on what can be reimbursed.. In this section we will treat it as a budget item.

Participant Fees:

DIMACS Workshop Registration Fees
Regular rate (1 day/2 days/3 days/4 days/5 days) $160/$320/$450/$550/$630 $180/$360/$500/$610/$690
Academic/nonprofit/government rate* $100/$200/$280/$350/$415 $120/$240/$320/$390/$460
Non-Local Postdocs, Graduate & Undergraduate students $15/day $20/day
DIMACS Postdocs**, DIMACS partner institution Graduate & Undergraduate students**,
DIMACS partner institution employees**, DIMACS long-term visitors***
$0 $0

Registration fees include participation in the workshop, all workshop materials, breakfast, lunch, breaks and any scheduled social events (if applicable).

* College/University faculty and employees of nonprofit and government organizations will automatically receive the reduced rate. Other participants may apply for a reduction of fees. They should email their request for the reduced fee to the Workshop Coordinator at workshop@dimacs.rutgers.edu. Include your name, the Institution you work for, your job title and a brief explanation of your situation. All requests for reduced rates must be received before the pre-registration deadline. You will promptly be notified as to the decision about it.

** Fees for employees of DIMACS partner institutions are waived. DIMACS partner institutions are: Rutgers University, Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs, AT&T Labs - Research, Cancer Institute of New Jersey (CINJ), NEC Laboratories America, Princeton University, and Telcordia Technologies. Fees for employees of DIMACS affiliate members Avaya Labs, Georgia Institute of Technology, HP Labs, IBM Research, Microsoft Research, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and Stevens Institute of Technology are also waived.

***DIMACS long-term visitors who are in residence at DIMACS for two or more weeks inclusive of dates of workshop.

The fee will be charged at the door, cash, check only (payable to Rutgers University), Visa/Mastercard only, no purchase orders (except Rutgers Internal Purchase Orders) can be accepted. The registration fee is charged to invited speakers.

Should an organizer wish to waive the fee he may do so but his budget allocation will be reduced by the amount of the waived fees. The organizer should provide a list of waivers to the workshop coordinator one week prior to the workshop so she knows who to waive the fee for at the time of registration.

All fees collected are returned to DIMACS to pay for the staff costs or supplies connected with the workshop or the special focus program of which the workshop is a part.

The Budget:

Planning the budget is quite simple. Starting with the total amount authorized, allocate

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Document last modified on August 11, 2010.