DIMACS Workshop Organizer's Guide: Publications


DIMACS will copy and distribute an informal proceedings, book of abstracts, lecture notes, tutorial notes etc. Costs in excess of $5.00 per person will be allocated to the workshop budget or workshop registration fees. Advance arrangements with the coordinator are advised.

Proceedings in AMS-DIMACS Series:

DIMACS has a standing agreement with AMS to publish workshop proceedings. Programs with prior publications at other publishers can continue those agreements, but new programs should be published with AMS.

The AMS Series is a refereed series, published in archival hard-bound books. The AMS keeps them in print for many years and the costs and very reasonable. Contact Shirley Hill, sxh@ams.org, for information.

WWW Services:

DIMACS has used the WWW as a publication medium for tutorial notes, papers, etc. Our TR series is about 99% WWW distributed.
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Document last modified on Ocotber 16, 2001.