DIMACS Workshop on Identifying Genetic Signatures for the Evolution of Complex Phenotypes

June 11 - 12, 2009
DIMACS Center, CoRE Building, Rutgers University

Gyan Bhanot, Rutgers University; Cancer Institute of New Jersey and the Institute for Advanced Study, gyanbhanot at gmail.com
Raul Rabadan, Columbia University, rabadan at dbmi.columbia.edu
Presented under the auspices of the Special Focus on Computational and Mathematical Epidemiology and the DIMACS/BioMaPS/MB Center Special Focus on Information Processing in Biology.

This special focus is jointly sponsored by the Center for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science (DIMACS), the Biological, Mathematical, and Physical Sciences Interfaces Institute for Quantitative Biology (BioMaPS), and the Rutgers Center for Molecular Biophysics and Biophysical Chemistry (MB Center).

This workshop will focus on methods to understand the evolution of complex phenotypes in SNP, sequence and gene and protein expression data and on results obtained by applying such methods to private as well as public datasets. Our goal will be to cover a broad range of topics including the methods to identify selection events in the presence of mutation and recombination, disease and complex phenotype association studies, co-evolution and co-adaptation in host-pathogen systems, correlations between human migration and selection, methods to identify evolutionary hotspots, protein evolution, haplotype selection in pathways and signals of speciation.
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