DIMACS Working Group: Algorithms for Multidimensional Scaling II

June 11-12, 2003
Doubletree Hotel in Tallahassee, Florida

J. Douglas Carroll (chairman), Rutgers University, dcarroll@rci.rutgers.edu
Phipps Arabie, Rutgers University, arabie@andromeda.rutgers.edu
Larry Hubert, University of Illinois, lhubert@s.psych.uiuc.edu
Michael Trosset, The College of William & Mary, trosset@math.wm.edu
Mike Brusco, Florida State University, mbrusco@garnet.acns.fsu.edu
Mel Janowitz, DIMACS liaison, melj@dimacs.rutgers.edu
Presented under the auspices of the Special Year on Data Analysis and Mining.

A subgroup of the Multidimensional Scaling Working Group has been formed and it is devoted to the topic
New Algorithms for Inferring Molecular Structure from Distance Restraints.
For more information, see http://dimacs.rutgers.edu/Workshops/Molecular/.

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 0100921

Workshop Program:

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

12:30 -  1:10   Registration

 1:10 -  1:20   Opening Remarks
                Douglas Carroll, Rutgers University 
                Melvin Janowitz, Associate Director, DIMACS

 1:20 -  2:15   Interpretation of Between-Set Distances In Correspondence Analysis
                Willem J. Heiser, Leiden University

 2:15 -  3:10   PREFSCAL, a Program for 3-way 3-mode Multidimensional Unfolding
                Frank M.T.A. Busing, Leiden University

 3:10 -  3:50   Break

 3:50 -  4:45   Organizational Dynamics of Software Development
                David Dubin, Gabriel Ripoche, and Les Gasser, University of Illinois

 4:45 -  5:40   Nonlinear Mapping: Approaches Based  on Optimizing an Index of
                Continuity and Applying Classical Metric MDS on Revised Distances
                Ulas Akkucuk and J. Douglas Carroll, Rutgers Business School

 5:40 - 6:30    General Discussion

 6:30 - 7:30    Open Bar

 7:30           Dinner/Banquet

Thursday, June 12, 2003

 7:30 -  8:00   Continental Breakfast

 8:00 -  8:55   Multidimensional Scaling and Molecular Conformation
                Michael Trosset, College of William and Mary

 8:55 -  9:50   A Novel Geometric Build-Up Algorithm for Solving
                the Distance Geometry Problem and Its
                Application to Multi-Dimensional Scaling
                Zhijun Wu, Iowa State University

 9:50 - 10:20   Break

10:20 - 11:15   Sensitivity Analysis of the STRAIN Objective
                Robert Michael Lewis, College of William & Mary

11:15 - 12:10   Hybrid Algorithms for Force-directed Multidimensional Scaling
                Alistair Morrison, University of Glasgow

12:10 -  1:40   Lunch

 1:40 -  2:35   Two Techniques for MDS: One for Large Data Sets with Missing Values;
                the Other for Huge Data Sets Encountered When Data Mining
                Suzanne Winsberg, IRCAM, Paris France

 2:35 -  3:05   Representing Asymmetric Proximities Using Trees and Directed Trees
                James E. Corter, Columbia University

 3:05 -  3:35   Break

 3:35 -  4:30   Applying Concordance and Partitioning Procedures to Identify
                Groups of Subjects with Similar MDS Structures
                Michael Brusco

 4:30 -  6:00   Multidimensional Scaling in the City-Block Metric:
                L1 and L2-Norm Optimization Methods Using MATLAB
                Lawrence J. Hubert, University of Illinois
                Phipps Arabie, Rutgers University
                J.J. Meulman, Leiden University

 6:00 -  7:30   Joint Reception for DIMACS and CSNA

Friday, June 13, 2003

10:00           The Representation of Proximity Matrices by Tree Structures: 
                A Tree Structure Toolbox (TST) for MATLAB
                Lawrence J. Hubert, University of Illinois

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