DIMACS Workshop on Statistical Physics Methods in Discrete Probability, Combinatorics and Theoretical Computer Science

Sunday, March 23 - Thursday, March 27, 1997

Sunday, March 23 - Monday, March 24, 1997 at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, NJ
Tuesday, March 25 - Thursday, March 27, 1997 at DIMACS, CoRE Building, Rutgers University

Jennifer T. Chayes, UCLA, jchayes@math.ucla.edu
Dana Randall, Georgia Tech, randall@math.gatech.edu
Presented under the auspices of the DIMACS Special Focus on Discrete Probability.

During the past decade, there have been tremendous advances in the study of discrete probabilistic systems, notably percolation, using methods and intuition from statistical physics. Recently these methods have also begun to find surprising applications in combinatorics and theoretical computer science. It has been realized that many fundamental problems in these fields can be mapped into statistical physics problems. Various properties of these physical models, such as phase transitions, then have important implications explaining the behavior of the original systems.

This workshop will focus on new developments and directions at the interface between statistical physics and the fields of discrete probability, combinatorics, information theory and theoretical computer science. The workshop will bring together both established and young researchers in the various fields with the intention of developing a common language and recognizing parallels among the fundamental problems being addressed by these researchers.

Among the topics to be discussed are:

The workshop will have both introductory lectures to establish a common language and more advanced lectures focusing on new developments. There will be ample time for discussion of open problems.


Contact the organizers to discuss possibilities to give presentations and regarding possibilities of financial support.


See DIMACS WWW site at http://dimacs.rutgers.edu for additional information about travel, lodging, and the program.
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