DIMACS Workshop in Honor of Bob Tarjan's 60th Birthday

May 9 - 10, 2008
Princeton University Dept. of Computer Science

Adam L. Buchsbaum, AT & T Labs, alb at research.att.com
Valerie King, University of Victoria, val at uvic.ca
Daniel Sleator, Carnegie Mellon University, sleator at cs.cmu.edu

We are indebted to the following sponsors for vital financial support:

Since the days of "Led Zeppelin IV," Bob Tarjan has been a pioneering leader in the fields of graph algorithms and data structures. He has authored or co-authored the most efficient known algorithms for a multitude of problems, including planarity testing, shortest paths, network flow, and finding dominators. Often his solutions involve novel data structures that are beautiful and practical in their own right: splay trees, link-cut trees, Fibonacci heaps, and persistent data structures. His trademark is the elegant and simple algorithm whose analysis isn't.

Over the years, Bob has inspired numerous students, collaborators and colleagues, and his algorithms are admired around the world, wherever graphs are traversed in a depth-first manner. Join us as we celebrate his 60th birthday with presentations by prominent researchers in the many areas that Bob's work has touched.

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