DIMACS/PMMB/MBBC Workshop on DNA Topology II

April 3-4, 1997
Rutgers University

Thursday, April 3, 1997

 9:00           Welcoming Remarks - Dr. Fred Roberts, Director DIMACS

 9:15           Introduction and General Overview 
                Wilma Olson, Rutgers University

		Craig Benham, Mount Sinai School of Medicine (session chair)
		Biology and Physics of DNA Deformation

 9:25 	        Andrzej Stasiak, Universite de Lausanne
		Biological Function of RecA-induced DNA 
		Stretching and Unwinding 

10:05 	        Steven M. Block, Princeton University
		Stretching DNA with Optical Tweezers

10:45 - 11:15   Coffee Break

11:15 		Phil Nelson, University of Pennsylvania
		Direct Determination of DNA Twist-Stretch Coupling

11:55 		Suse Broyde,New York University 
		Computed Structures of DNA Damaged by Activated 

12:30           Discussion

12:40 -  2:00   Lunch Break

		Tamar Schlick, Howard Hughes Medical Institute and 
	        New York University (session chair)
		Recent Developments of Elastic Rod Models of DNA 

 2:00 		Alexander V. Vologodskii,  New York University
		Catenation Probability in Supercoiled DNA 

 2:40 		Irwin Tobias, Rutgers University
		Thermal Fluctuations in DNA Minicircles

 3:20 		Isaac Klapper, Montana State University
		Dynamics of Elastic Rods, Knots, Curves 

 4:00 -   4:30  Coffee Break
 4:30 		Bernard D. Coleman, Rutgers University
		Theory of the Influence of End Conditions on the 
		Tertiary Structure of DNA 

 5:10 		Marcia O. Fenley, Continuum Dynamics, Inc.
		Supercoiled DNA Polyelectrolyte

 5:50           Discussion

 6:30 -  9:00 	Dinner Reception and Poster Session

Friday, April 4, 1997 Bill Bauer, State University of New York Stony Brook (session chair) DNA Sequence, Structure, and Activity 9:00 Craig J. Benham, Mount Sinai School of Medicine Superhelical Duplex Destabilization and DNA Regulation 9:40 Victor B. Zhurkin, National Institutes of Health DNA Bending and Writhing in Complexes with Proteins: Analyzing Crystal Structures and Modeling the p53-DNA Complex 10:20 Gadi Fibich, University of California, Los Angeles A Mathematical Model of Transcription Regulation of a Single Gene 11:00 - 11:20 Coffee Break Alex Vologodskii, New York University (session chair) Topological Forms 11:20 Valentin Rybenkov and Nicholas R. Cozzarelli University of California, Berkeley Topological Equilibrium in Circular DNA 12:00 Jonathan Simon, University of Iowa Energy, Thickness, and Compaction of Knots 12:50 Discussion 12:50 - 1:40 Lunch Break Wilma Olson, Rutgers University (session chair) Nucleosomal DNA 1:40 Ariel Prunell, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique et Universite Paris Conformational Flexibility of the Histone (H3-H4)2 Tetramer of the Nucleosome Viewed Through DNA Topology 2:20 David Clark, National Institutes of Health The Nucleosome: A Barrier to Transcription 3:00 Jordanka Zlatanova, Oregon State University Chromatin Higher-order Structure 3:40 Discussion and Refreshments

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