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DCI '00 Student Research Conference
April 28, 2001

Session A

Best Paper Award: 	Royce S. Okuyama
			The Hill School, Pottstown, PA
			"Equitable Chromatic Number of a Bipartite Graph"
			Supervised by John Dollhopf

Honorable Mention:	Michael Roberts
			Bethpage High School, Bethpage, NY
			"Graph Theory Dominations"
			Supervised by Christine Healy

Session B

Best Paper Award:	Neal Parikh
			Collegiate School, New York, NY
			"Finding the k-level Domination Number for
			2 x m Grids"
			(In collaboration with Savitar Sundaresan)
			Supervised by Laurie Rubel

Honorable Mention:	Linda Estevez and Lisa Schonback
			The Charter School of Wilmington, Wilmington, DE
			"Harmonious and Line-Distinguishing Coloring"
			Supervised by Nicole Vaiana

Updated May 8, 2001