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  Samples of previous student research

  • From DCI 2000:

    Zak Edwards, Eaglecrest High School

    Zookeeper's Dilemma: Using coloring to determine the least number of habitats to put animals in, some with a prey - predator relationship. (Supervised by Erich Gott).

    A zookeeper is given the charge of determining the least number of habitats (cages) to house a certain number of animals. Some of these animals cannot coexist. What is the least number of habitats to build so that all animals can live peacefully?

  • From DCI 2003:

    Casey Chance and Samin Green, Charter School of Wilmington, Wilmington, DE

    Optimizing Location Using Topics from Graph Theory. (Supervised by Chuck Biehl, DCI Lead Teacher)

    Due to an overwhelming number of patients coming to the Christiana Care Sleep Lab and Imaging Center, the company wanted to find the best location to build an additional center to alleviate pressure on the existing hospital. we used various graph methods, population data, and personal correspondence with personnel, to locate a new center in the Wilmington area.

  • From the DIMACS Working Group on Spatio-Temporal and Network Modeling of Diseases

    "Preventing Smallpox Epidemics Using a Computational Model"
    Chintan Hossain and Hiren Patel, Charter School, Wilmington, Delaware

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