Forwarding Mail

Sanderson Smith (
Fri, 19 Jul 96 19:55:02 -0800

Hello all ... thanks for a great time at the Princeton Institute.

Since returning to my home base, I've encountered one problem (minor, I hope).
Since I have Internet access at my school, I can get to the DIMACS server,
etc. However, our e-mail system at Cate does not allow me send or receive
e-mail through Internet. (Our computer specialist explained why this is so...
something about a "firewall." The explanation went over my head.) Hence I
cannot access e-mail sent to me at
Am I correct in assuming that I can get around this by simply having my e-mail
forwarded to me here at Cate, where my e-mail address is
Assuming this is correct, my problem (I believe) is that I can't get into the
account I want the mail forwarded from since I can't access e-mail from the
DIMACS server. That is, I don't think I can use Telnet to issue the necessary
commands to forward my mail to
(Since our Netscape access has been unavailable for a few days... and probably
won't be "up" until Monday or Tuesday, I haven't had the chance to try the
Telnet approach.) Our e-mail is presently working fine since it doesn't
involve Netscape.
Here's my basic question. If I provide my password to a trusted colleague at
DIMACS, can he/she just access my account and issue the required forward
-Hope this makes some sense. I'm just a bit worried that I may have some
important mail (perhaps from Elaine) sitting in my DIMACS account now.

Thanks for your attention to this matter.
Sanderson M. Smith