Inside Windows

Roseann R. Krane (
Thu, 25 Jul 1996 23:14:32 -0700 (PDT)

Hi, just attended a one day conference on "Inside Windows" that was
excellent. It is offered all over the country so look for it when it comes
to your town! It is by the Mastering Computers company

They run four sessions at the same time and you can go from one to the
other any time during the day. The sessions are 1)supporting Windows 95
2) Supporting NT 3.51 & 4 3) Supporting Windows 3.1x and 4)Networking
Session 3.1x. The cost is $200.00 and you get a book with all the slides,
a Tips & Secrets Windows booklet, and a CD with utilities. Also if you
subscribe to a magazine they produce, you get five software utilities. I
chose five great programs that would retail for $700.00! My favorite one
is First Aid which repairs a ton of things on Windows including the
dreaded "General Protection Fault"!

Let me know if you encounter any good training seminars like this please.

Roseann Rayes Krane,
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