Mary Edwards (medwards@dimacs.rutgers.edu)
Wed, 31 Jul 1996 00:23:05 -0400

Hi all,

What an great summer so far. I had a fantastic time at Princeton and then
had one week at home for all of my running around. I spent last week at a
follow up week learning about polyominos. Wow!!! I have been so lucky to
get such great ideas for my classes. I do love to learn new things and
make new math connections. Brother Patrick, Chuck, Judy and I were called
on to give a summary of the program at Princeton to the Discrete math group
that met last week. We talked about the researchers, the classes in convex
hulls and showed some of the software, art gallery problems, and gave a
quick look at the homepages. We displayed some of the home pages. Take a
look at the applet on Charles page. It is great! Brother Patrick has his
pictures on disk for several dollars you to can get all of your pictures on
disk. I have checked many different places for prices. Patrick said he
paid $4. extra to get the pictures on disk. Unfortunately, around my way
it ranges from $6. to $12. and for $20. you can get your role of film
placed on CD (it is extra to get hard copy). Any way, he had some supper
pictures of our great times together. I was much less high teck, I made
an album.

My good news for today, I got my machine up on line. Finally. With some
help from Dave Weksler from the Swarthmore Math Forum. I can't wait to
get on the internet again and try all of the addresses we got. I've spent
most of the evening reading my mail.

Hope everyone is having a great summer. I'm going to go to Indiana and
stop at Cleveland and Pittsburg on the way back to Pa.

Take care,
Mary Edwards