Elaine Foley (epfoley@dimacs.rutgers.edu)
Fri, 09 Aug 1996 08:09:44 -0400

Hi everyone!

It's been almost a month since DREI'96 ended at Princeton. If you've
been wondering what's happened with me - here's the news... I moved into
a condo in Princeton this past Tuesday. Yes, finally all my stuff from
Massachusetts is here (hooray!). Christine is still unpacking boxes,
mumbling about where we're going to put all the stuff, etc. Maggie
enjoys our a.m. walks - looks like my country dog enjoys all the new
sites etc. I'm hopeful that my new furniture, pictures, etc. will be in
place by the end of August.

I hope that everyone has had a nice summer since I last saw you, that
you've got some rest and, hopefully have been working on your projects?
Paul Burchard is going to a Math Fest on Monday August 12th and was
hoping to get some updates from each of you, possibly samples of what
you're working on, which he could show at the fest. Please email him
(cc: me as well) as soon as possible.

Just a reminder - September 28th is the date scheduled for our first
Follow-up session at Rutgers. I will need information from all the
teachers as to the titles of your projects before then - so be prepared
for more reminders as time gets close.

By the way, my web page (still under construction) can be viewed at:
http://dimacs.rutgers.edu/~epfoley/. (I know you're asking where are
all the researchers - well, let's just say that glitches happen and I'm
now finally able to view the pictures and begin identifying them, so
I'll be adding links as soon as possible.

Regards to all,